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Open Burning Season will runs from January 15th  and will run until April 30th. Permits can be obtained starting January 14th  at Fire Headquarters, 505 Liberty Street, daily from 9-5. The cost of a permit is $20.00 payable by check or money order made out to The Town of Hanson. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Be advised that open burning is subject to air quality conditions put out by Mass DEP.

Why Does MassDEP Prohibit Open Burning on
“No Burn” Days?
Open burning pollutes the air and can make it difficult for people withrespiratory problems to breathe. When the air is stagnant, open burning can, create smoke and odor nuisances – and health risks – for nearby residents,particularly in populated areas. On “good air” days, existing pollution levels arelow and air circulates well. During the “open burning season” (which runs from January 15 to April 30 ), open burning is allowed in Massachusetts only on days when BOTH air quality and fire safety conditions are acceptable. Local firedepartments make decisions about fire safety, and MassDEP decides whetherthe air quality on each day is good enough to allow open burning.

What is MassDEP’s decision based on?

MassDEP’s Air Pollution Regulation (310 CMR 7.07) authorizes the Department to prohibit open burning on days when it may cause or contribute to a condition of air pollution. MassDEP develops a daily air quality forecast based on models and analyses from the National Weather Service, and on data from state and regional air quality monitors. In general, “no burn” announcements are issued when:

  • The Air Quality Index for Massachusetts and nearby areas of upwind states

is “moderate” or higher (fine particle concentrations are at or above 12

micrograms/cubic meter) early in the morning,

  • The weather forecast is for light winds, which will not mix smoke from fires

with cleaner air, allowing the smoke to linger over neighborhoods, and

  • Air flow into Massachusetts is coming from the southwest, which draws in

polluted air from urban areas south and west of Massachusetts and can

raise pollution levels here.

In these conditions, smoke from open burning will add pollution to air that is

already polluted, making a bad situation worse. Adults with respiratory

conditions (e.g., asthma) and heart problems and children can be especially

affected by air pollution.

MassDEP may prohibit open burning in specific fire districts or statewide,

depending on the conditions on a particular day.

Where can I find information on air quality conditions in my area?

The MassDEP web site shows air quality forecasts and real-time pollution

levels at all of the air monitors across the state that collect data continuously:

( )


The Hanson Fire Department was recently awarded a S.A.F.E. grant in the amount of $6,154. $3,754 of these funds will be used to continue our SAFE program for Pre-School through Grade 5. The additional $2400 is for Senior SAFE and will be used to educate seniors in our community on fire prevention, general home safety and how to be better prepared in the event of a fire.

For fire safety info on topics ranging from candle safety to smoke alarms and home escape plans, go to

The Shelter for the Town of Hanson is the Whitman Hanson Regional High School 600 Franklin Street. In the event that we open the shelter or a warming center the information will be posted on this website as well as the Town of Hanson website at

The Town of Hanson uses a Code Red or reverse 911 system to provide important information to residents.  We would suggest adding your cell phone number to this system.

Any Resident wishing to add their cell phone number to receive reverse 911 calls can call 508-732-1863 and follow the directions. You can also go to the following link and enter your information